Finishing where sheets of paper are fastened together to make books.

At our factory we have all the commercial machinery to bind a large range of binding types, from 1 book quantity to tens of thousands can be done. Types of Binding we can do are Drilling Hole Punching, Rounch Cornering, Guillotining.

In our Bindery Rooms we have skilled tradespeople, performing measuring, cutting and glueing using hand processes & machine assisted processes custom books, library journals, fine leather binding, custom presentation or tender boxes, binders, repairs & restorations.

A finished book can require a minimun of 12 processes for a basic style to 24 processes. All processes must be in a particular order and relies on accurate completion with little room for back tracking. We use quality book coverings, that are ferfected for book covering, flexible to turnin easily to create a neat perfect finished book. Some of the processes are hand or machine section sewing, machine cleat sewing, oversewing, hand or machine rounding & backing, glueing, lining, end papering to Hard case binding creating one of the many styles of hard case covers

But also where gold/silver and other decorative blocking are added to the exterior of books. 

Here at Classic Bookbinders we also Emboss Block/Foil Wallets, Compendiums, Diaries, some phone covers and some glasses cases that are flat shape.

Standard sizes A5, A4, A3, A2  or Custom sizes.

Finishing in leather - we are the specialists in Fine Leather Bindings and we buy from a local supplier who stocks a good quality cow skin with a smooth texture which is good for giving the best results in gold foiling work on your cover.